For Photography,

I am no expert with a camera, but the individuality of a single picture shocks me even now. I had started really experimenting with the emotional effect of photography during freshman year of high school. I had assigned myself a project to take at least twenty different portraits all conveying different emotions or struggles in the life of a teenager. To say this project was a bit much for someone who could barely hold a camera steady is an understatement. I still worked hard and realized stuff about myself that I never would have without this project. The number of people sharing their stories and joining in had made my heart stop. From that point on, I was hooked to my camera. I am now taking a photography class and am experimenting with different styles of photography. I am overjoyed.

About Calista Brace

I don't have a lot to add here yet since this is only the start of my life in the world of writing and photography, but it is safe to say I am beyond thrilled to influence others and be moved by art. I am incredibly grateful for any opportunity that comes my way and will take any chance I get. I can't say there was a defining moment where I fell in love with the world of photography or writing, but it is memorable enough.

I first understood the effect of words in my writing when I was in middle school. Once I was given the idea that I could write any story and play with others emotions, I took it. I found myself falling in love with my characters and spending hours on end spinning in my desk chair. I thought about the people I created as if I were in love, and in a way I was. No matter how difficult it became for me to overcome the mental difficulties I struggled with over the years, my characters were always there for me. When I finally experienced poetry, I found that my words could affect me differently. I could pour my soul out in descriptions of sorrows and joys. With writing, I learned how to feel.

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